Using a Pet transportation Specialist


We provide pet transportation service.  In some instances, the airlines require you to use our  pet transportation services and many countries recommend using a pet relocation specialist.  We have had clients say to us, wow, your fees are expensive, but I can do this myself, all you are doing is booking my pets flights!   Booking flights is only a small portion of what we do for our clients.   For instance, how confident are you that the kennel you purchased is airline compliant?   I can’t count on my fingers and toes how many times I have been checking pets in for their flights and owners come in with non-compliant kennels.  Sometimes the airlines have kennels for purchase, but not always.   You as the owner are ready to fly out the same day, tickets are booked to Manila, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Rome, Venice, etc, but your pet isn’t going to be able to fly.  Kennels aren’t even the worst case scenario!   In a recent transport, we had pets who had to travel at different times due to temperature and breed restrictions.   One dog flew over to London a week early, but upon arrival into Frankfurt (layover), her microchip didn’t match her paperwork.  The veterinary hospital had made a grave mistake, we traced it, corrected the paperwork, and were able to get new paperwork out the same day to Frankfurt so that the dog could resume her trip to London.   Did our client have to sort through redoing the paperwork?  No, we did it and all the meanwhile were in contact with the caregivers of the dog to make sure she was safe.

Traveling with your pets is more often than not a sticker shock.   We try to keep our costs reasonable and transparent, but keep in mind that the time you save having to determine the transportation logistics for your pets travel is exactly what you are paying us to do.  We do our best to take care of your pets and ensure that their travel is smooth and most importantly safe.   Here is a quick overview of what we do for you:

  •    Guide you and your veterinarian through paperwork, vaccinations, required tests, and microchippingDog Travel Suitcase
  •    Apply for import permits and quarantine when required
  •    Guide you on appropriate kennels or how to retrofit your existing kennel to work for pet travel
  •    Advice on How to Measure your Pet
  •    Book all flights for your pet
  •    Arrange for pickup, drop off, and even comfort stops along the way for your pets travel
  •    Arrange for customs clearance and brokerage
  •    Assist with finding temporary boarding facilities for your pets
  •    Airline Transfers if your pets travel route requires the use of different airlines


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