Updates to EU regulations and Alaska Airlines

It’s our job is to keep our customers informed of the ever changing regulations and policies with respect to pet travel.  Here are a couple changes that will have a pretty broad impact.


One big change sneaking up on us quietly, which is under great debate, is the new regulations for importing pets into the EU which will take effect December 30, 2014.  According to the new legislation, pets are not allowed to enter the European Union under a non-commercial shipment(pet status) unless their owner is going to be there at least 5 days before of 5 days after their arrival.   This will cause great difficulties for our Military families as they typically go over to secure housing and leave their pets with family for several weeks before sending them.  If you are traveling outside of the 5 day window there are specific commercial requirements to import your pet which have to be adhered to otherwise you risk your pet being sent back.


As of October 30, 2014 we are sad to report that Alaska airlines will no longer accept snub nose breeds.   As they are one of the largest carriers to Alaska, this has greatly impacted our ability to send snub nose breeds to Alaska.  We have ground transport that can assist in the summer time and one cargo freighter that will fly snub nose breeds, but availability is limited and space fills up fast.

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