Traveling with Snub Nose Breads


If only we could travel like this with our snub nosed breeds!   As a fellow owner of a snub nosed breed (boxer in my case), I can sympathize with you as the owner and lover of a snub nosed dog.   The medical term is brachycephalic, but owners can easily identify them as any breed that snores, sneezes when excited, or snorts often.   Many airlines have restricted travel of these breeds.   One breed in particular has been singled out on all domestic carriers, the English Bulldog.  A recent change in Alaska Airlines policy at the end of October 2014, to no longer accept snub nosed breads, we have been working hard to find alternatives to get your beloved family members home to you.

Here is some more information from the American Veterinary Medical Association with regard to snub nosed breeds


We are working with private cargo operators to charter group flights to Anchorage and other cities for our military as well as civilian clientele.  We are also working with ground transporters to get them to the closest departure points.   Here is a breakdown of what we have had to do with one of our clients pets.

Client calls, trying to ship an English bulldog to Anchorage, via ground in the winter.   No ground transporter will travel to Alaska in the winter, not to mention you are looking at about $8,000-$10,000 for private ground transport.   The client was actually quoted $20,000 by one vendor and told by many others that it was impossible.

As I said before, I am the proud owner of a boxer and can’t imagine being separated, so we began investigating how we could help this client.  First we located a cargo operator that would fly an English Bulldog, problem was, the cargo operator would only accept him out of LAX direct to Anchorage.   Well, he was located several states away.   Our next step was to find ground transportation (typically booked out several months) to get him from Texas to Los Angeles and then board him until his flight was ready to depart from LAX to Anchorage.   In all, he was traveling and boarding for about a week before he was reunited with his family and this took about a month of planning, but it was a successful reunion, and the family was able to get him home before Christmas!   It was still considerably more expensive than travel would have been with another breed that wasn’t snub nosed, but in total it cost the client around $2,500 for transportation, boarding, and airline fees which was a huge difference from the original cost they were quoted of $20,000, or just simply told that it wasn’t possible.

Will we always be this successful with finding alternatives for these breeds, no, but we will do our best!

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