Traveling With Pets In Cabin

file0001257579294You can travel with pets in cabin both domestically and internationally (mostly dogs and cats, but some airlines allow birds and rabbits).  When traveling with small animals in cabin here are a few tips

–In cabin travel will cost between $95-$200 depending on where you are going and who you are flying

–Always call ahead or book your pets travel when you book yours, you don’t have to pay until you get to the airport and airlines have limits on how many pets can be on the plane due to the limits of the air filtration on planes for the comfort of those with allergies.

–Make sure your pet isn’t over any of their size or weight restrictions when booking your pets flight (only one pet is allowed per passenger and they count as a carry on)

–Inquire about any health requirements or paperwork the airline or country you are going to will require, also check to see if your destination or any layovers will have pet relief areas.

–The carrier you choose is very important, it must fit your pet, they should be able to stand up, sit down, and turn around, but it must also meet the airlines requirements.  Requirements vary by airline, but generally they should be 16-19 inches long, 10 inches high, and 12 inches wide.   Try to look for a carrier that you can see through the top to observe your pet more easily during flight.  The carrier must be water repellant, have padding for your pet, and must have at least 2 ventilation panels on each side.  Try out the zippers and make sure you can operate the carrier easily (more on this later).

–Acclimate your pet to the carrier about 2 weeks before the flight.  Try giving treats or something they enjoy such as catnip and put something they love in there, leaving the kennel open for exploration. If they don’t acclimate well, consider trying a natural calming agent such as arnica, rescue remedy, or comfort zone, but do this several days before your flight to make sure your pet has no adverse reactions.

–On the day of the flight, remove water 2 hours before you depart.  If your flight is in he morning or early afternoon withhold the morning feeding.  Administer a calming agent 2-4 hours before the flight if needed.  Depending on where you are going and how long you are traveling for you may need to take some food and purchase water at the airport. You will only be able to administer this if you have a stop. You will need to put some type of absorbent material such as a puppy pad, shredded newspaper, dry fur pad etc. into the kennel with your pet and bring extra should you need to change it out.

–At the airport you will check in with the travel agent.  They will ask to see your pet in the kennel, look at the kennel to ensure it meets the size requirements, and obtain payment for the pets travel.  You will receive a receipt for payment in the form of a ticket which you will need to show to the TSA at security.

–Security will review your ticket and confirm you have approval to fly with your pet.  Make sure to place all your personal items in the bin first.  You will be required to remove your pet from its carrier and carry them through the metal detector, while the carrier goes through the X-ray. If you are not comfortable with this, you can ask that they take you to a private room, but plan ahead for this because it will take considerably more time.  Dogs are typically well behaved with a treat in hand, cats on the other hand can be a little less predictable, so I usually hold them and scruff them to keep them neutralized. You may also attach a leash when removing them from the kennel to provide additional security and safety for your pet.  Once through, you will place them back in the carrier.  You will not remove them until you reach your destination, if you need to remove them I suggest going to a family restroom where you and your pet are together in an enclosed room.

–You will board the plane as usual and situate your pet under your seat for the duration of the flight.  You are not allowed to remove your pet in the cabin at all, this is for the safety of your pet as well as the safety of other people on the plane.

–When you arrive at your destination or any layovers, go directly to the pet relief area or to a family restroom.  Take your pet out of the carrier once you have them in a secure area. Remove and discard any soiled bedding and replace it with the extra you brought for the car ride to your destination.

Every pet is different and reacts differently to travel.  One of my cats always soils her kennel within 20 minutes of being in the car.  I found that arnica helped calm her nerves when traveling by plane, but she still soiled her kennel, and that’s how I came to know the family restrooms well.  Enjoy your travel!

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