Scam Alert!!!

Don’t be the next victim.  Pet scammers are out there.  If you are looking for a pet online, it is a great resource, but don’t get too excited or attached because this is what scammers hope for in order to take advantage of you!  The scammers will do anything to get their hands on your money.  They will tell you stories, assure you that they are trustworthy, send you photos, tell you that the pet is in danger etc.  If the price is low compared to other ads, chances are it’s too good to be true.  If they ask for payment via Western Union or Money Gram it’s probably a scam.  Typical breeds we see this happening with are bulldogs and toy breads and recently exotic birds.  No pet transporter or breeder will request money via Western Union or Money Gram.  When adopting or purchasing a new pet that will be shipped, try to always pay by credit card, this will give you some protection against a potential scam.  You can also always arrange to have the pet shipped yourself, but typically breeders will have pet shippers they have worked with before.  If you have been a victim of a recent pet scam, please report it.

Report pet adoption and travel scams.

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