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Standard Pricing

Air Travel Consultation1st Pet2nd PetAdditional Pet
* We offer a 10% discount to all our Active Duty Military members. Please mention if you are active duty and on PCS orders.
Within the US
To Hawaii or Guam
International to the US
US to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa
US to Asia and Africa
US to EU, Canada, Mexico, and South America
Airfare PricingEach Pet
*Airfare for your pets depends on the size of kennel, weight of pet, and airline chosen.
Within the US (including Hawaii, Guam, USVI, and Puerto Rico)
International to the US
US to International

Rush Fees

Travel DateFee
* These fees do not apply to military personnel on PCS orders.
The next 14 days within the US
The next 14 days International
Departure or Arrival on a weekend fee
Payment Policy
We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, ACH, and Wire Transfer for payment. Services for your pets travel do not commence until your initial deposit is received. Typically we process payments through PayPal.

Refund Policy
Cancellations made after payment but at least 21 days before date of travel will receive a refund of the total transport fee paid by Client, less a $150.00 cancellation charge and any non-refundable carrier-related transportation charges that have been paid at the time of cancellation. Cancellations made within 21 days of travel will not receive a refund of the Air Travel Consultation fees, but will receive refunds for any refundable fees such as airfare.
General Terms and Conditions
* IATA requires that all animals must be able to sit, stand, lie down without curling in front feet, turn around and have 3 inches above the head when standing. Pet Relocator reserves the right to modify carriers that do not meet these standards. Clients will be responsible for additional charges due to incorrect kennels. We require photos of pets standing beside the kennel at least 5 days prior to travel to ensure that the kennel is appropriate for the pet.

*Any incidents beyond our control which delay your animal’s flight schedule (such as weather, requirement changes, errors in veterinary documents, flight delays/cancellations, strikes, etc) will likely incur additional costs. The client is responsible for paying all additional costs.

* Your estimate was provided based on airline & other provider fees in effect at the time it was given. We will communicate timely on any changes with these fees and do our best to find an alternative that will not exceed our original estimate. In the event we cannot find an alternative, the client will be responsible for the additional fees.

*All fees except those payable directly by the owner are due within 14 days of travel. If your travel is within 14 days you will receive an invoice for payment in full. Any additional fees may be billed after your pet has already arrived or is being transported. The client is still responsible for those additional costs.

* Client acknowledges and agrees that Transporter shall not be held liable for injuries, illness, or any other occurrence or event that occurs while pet(s) are in the care, custody, or control of a common transportation carrier, including but not limited to airline, train line, bus line, etc. Client also understands and agrees that Transporter shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the unforeseen acts of third parties or independent contractors.

* Every client is sent a formal Terms of Service Contract prior to paying their initial deposit invoice. Payment of the initial invoice indicates agreement to Pet Relocators Terms of Service Agreement.
Privacy Statement
All information submitted to us is used only to complete your pet transportation needs. We do not spam, sell, trade, or divuldge any client information. Client information is considered confidential and is maintained securely. Information is passed only to third parties in order to book flights, process TSA information, or complete boarding information.