Post Brexit Pet Travel plans?

US Pet travel to the UK post Brexit

In the news we keep hearing about Brexit.  Right now there are two scenarios, deal or no deal (no not like the game show).  For clients from the US without an EU Pet Passport, post Brexit pet travel we will follow our same procedures to export pets to the UK.  We use the UK international health certificate to the EU. There are no changes anticipated from the current requirements to the UK. Part of our services is to remain up to date on the requirements for entry. Should anything change, be assured that we will notify you immediately and make the changes in your pets paperwork or travel to accommodate the changes.

Pet Passports

For our clients who have Pet Passports that are returning from the US to the UK.  The good news is if you have an EU and UK pet passport, it will still be accepted for entry into the UK.  Your process will remain unchanged. Post Brexit pet travel will not be affected into the UK. We will need a fit for travel within 10 days of pets travel and an updated de-worming within 24-120 hours of arrival.

The biggest impact will not be to and from the USA, but between EU countries. If there is a “no deal” scenario, it is up to the EU to determine what category the UK will fall into and what import health paperwork will be required. If they default to a category three while things are worked out, you may need a Rabies Titer test to enter into the EU from the UK but not from the EU to the UK. If you do have plans for travel outside of the UK to another EU country you might want to go ahead and pay a visit to your veterinarian to obtain the test.

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You can find more information about EU travel here

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