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Pets are part of your family.   While we specialize in pet relocation, many pet parents now choose to take their pets with them on vacation.  Last year more than 15 million Americans traveled with their pets.  Pets are being welcomed on trains, airplanes, and most hotels now.  Here are a couple options depending on what type of temporary housing or vacation you are looking to book when looking for pet friendly lodging.  You can use these resources for pleasure travel with your pets or temporary housing for a permanent relocation.

Temporary lodging (this site searches all the major short term rentals for you at once)

Pet Friendly hotels

Most hotels are now pet friendly, but we always like to mention those that started accepting pets before the others! – charge a daily fee – charge a daily fee – charge a daily fee -charge a nominal weekly fee of $20 per pet – Daily fee, but weekly max of $100