New Airline reporting requirements, are they enough?

Alright, while reading the airline death and injury reports for your furry friends makes me sad to think than any of the animals were injured or didn’t make it to their final destination, I am a fan of the new reporting requirements from the Department of Transportation (DOT).  While many of the major airlines that we use on a daily basis have incidents throughout the world, the prior reporting never gave you a total population of pets traveling on that airline.  Why is this important?   Well, if an airline regularly transports pets, there are going to be a higher rate of incidents due to the higher volume of pets traveling.  At first glance it would appear that companies like Southwest have the best record, but what you fail to see is that they only ship pets in cabin with owners, not in cargo.  As a consumer, I would like to see it differentiated between cabin pets, and cargo pets.  My concern is that people will continue to just look at the total numbers, and not pay attention to the detail since the requirement for the totals is only an annual requirement.  So, when you read the headlines or reports, keep in mind that at first glance the numbers can be deceptive.


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