Long distance moving

In a recent feature on Public Storage we were interviewed to identify advice on how to travel with your pet safely.   As pet safety is important to us, we thought we would expand a little on the post.

First and most important for your pet to travel is their health.   Even if your travel is months away, go ahead and schedule a visit to your vet to ensure their health now.  You will be required to visit the veterinarian again within 10 days of travel to ensure that there haven’t been any significant changes in their health since their last visit, but it’s always good to have a current state of health.

Snub nose breeds are of great debate within the airline industry.   The majority of incidents are with these breeds.   I have a boxer (she’s featured on our website) and can completely understand your frustration if you too have a snub nosed pet!  Breeds small enough to fit under the seat and carried onto the plane can travel regardless if they are considered snub nose or not, the restrictions have been established only when flying in the cargo area.

For air travel in Cargo, there are specific requirements for kennels which have to be adhered to, otherwise the pets will not be accepted for their flight.   These guidelines are established by the IATA and can be found HERE.   Ground travel doesn’t require a crate, but we recommend for the safety of your pet that they are restrained.   Think of them like a toddler, would you want them floating around your car if you had to slam on the breaks?

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