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International Health Certificates and your USDA accredited veterinarian

Not all veterinarians are accredited and can complete international health certificates for travel.  They must not only be licensed in their state, but also by the USDA.  First, always ask at your veterinary clinic if your veterinarian or one of the other veterinarians is a USDA accredited veterinarian.  If they say no, and you don’t know where to turn next, we find that the following veterinary hospitals and clinics typically have USDA accredited veterinarians -International and domestic health certificate services offered at most locations throughout the nation at Petsmart – National veterinary associates has veterinarians on staff that are USDA accredited at most of their locations throughout the US.

If you still need help finding an accredited veterinarian, you can contact your local USDA office and give them your zip code.  They will help you to locate an accredited veterinarian close to you.

Keep in mind, that while your veterinarian may have obtained the accreditation from the USDA, they may not complete international health certificates often.   We work closely with your veterinarian pre-populating the forms with requirements and providing guidance to ensure that your international health certificates are  completed in the right timeframe with the correct information.   We offer full service and document reviews to assist you and your veterinary staff through this process.