Interesting perspective on Pet Air Travel Incidents

Earlier this month the US department of Transportation released 2014 data on pet incidents with the various domestic airlines (this is not for airlines outside of the US).  While we would love to see 0 incidents for our furry friends, any travel holds some risk ground or air.   We ran across an article last year that helped us to put this into perspective in terms of incidents per pet in the Huffington Post.   The article compared the total number traveling via air to the total number of incidents and highlights that the percentage of incident per airline was really low through 2013.   In 2014, it was noted 17 pets died according to the report from DOT which is the lowest number in years, which stands to reason that the % of incidents per pet traveling is even lower since pet air travel continues to increase every year.  One of the reasons for this decrease is because many people are using professional pet shippers and some airlines are requiring them in order to ship.  This helps to ensure the safety of your pet, because we are tasked with keeping up to date on all travel and safety requirements.  Click here to read more from IPATA.




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