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For the Do-It-Yourself clients

Are you are more hands owner and you enjoy planning trips and have a good attention to details?  On the other hand, you’re looking for someone to advise you on the paperwork required, but want to plan and book the travel yourself?

When traveling abroad, pet travel documentation review gives our clients peace of mind.   We pre-fill the forms for your veterinarian to reference and review all your vaccination history to ensure that your pets paperwork will be compliant.  Additionally, regulations with respect to the entrance of pets into other countries vary.  As a result, other countries have specific waiting periods and entry requirements that need to be considered.

Paperwork issues cause delays in travel, cancellation of pet travel, or denial of entry and return to the US (at the owner’s expense).

Incidentally, country requirements for the UK, EU, and others are our specialty.  As a result of our services, you avoid costly delays if your paperwork is not completed in the right time frame using the most current paperwork.

Pet Travel Documentation Review

At this point, if you are interested in International Pet Travel Documentation Review, please email us directly at with the following information:

  • Departure Airport
  • Destination
  • Number of pets
  • Breeds of pets
  • Ages of pets
  • Date of travel


International pet travel documentation review typically cost between $150-$350 depending on the number of pets and the complexity of the country entry requirements.  Not all countries or airlines will allow you to book your own travel. For this reason, if we are required to book your travel, our full service pricing will apply.  Additionally, more information can be found on our international travel and destination requirements pages.