Are you traveling to Barbados or another rabies free country?

Regulations are constantly changing especially to those countries which are considered rabies free.   Some of those countries will only allow pets to enter the country if they came from a rabies free country and lived there for the past 6 months, were transferred through a rabies free country, titer testing may be required, consulate certification of health certificates, the list continues.   If you are traveling to the rabies free country of Barbados, the regulation used to require that your pet spend 6 months in the UK prior to travel, but that has changed!   Now, the US is approved under the DEFRA UK PETS SCHEME.   This allows animals to travel into the UK without quarantine from select countries, the US and Canada on that list then they can be shipped with a short 2-3 day stay in the UK direct to Barbados.   You can accomplish this by selecting an Approved Airline to ship your pets to the UK then finding a handler that can pick them up from the airport, board them, obtain their health certificates in the UK and tender them back to the airlines in the UK.   Your pet will arrive in Barbados about 4-5 days after leaving the US instead of 6 months!  You will need a customs broker in Barbados to process them and beware, Barbados has a hearty import tax which if you aren’t careful you could end up paying up to 75% on the cost of your freight from the UK to Barbados (700-1000 for a medium sized cat).    If this seems overwhelming, you may want to consider hiring a pet transportation specialist to assist you through the process.

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