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When searching for your pet friendly airline you will find there are two types of travel for pets.  First and foremost is in-cabin pet travel for your smaller pets.  They are placed under the seat in front of you, but fees, availability, and weight restrictions vary by airline, so check with your airline when booking your flights to see if pets are accepted.   The second type is as cargo in the live animal hold.  Please note that this is temperature controlled and pressurized just like the cabin for the comfort and safety of your pet.   Airlines allow you too book directly for domestic travel.  Typically, at the time of check-in, you are responsible for payment for your pets travel.


Domestic Pet Friendly Airline Options

  • UNITED PETSAFE — Bookings for domestic flights and some international flights can be made by the client.  Certain countries require the use of an IPATA agent. 1-800-575-3335
  • DELTA CARGO — Delta has released a new pet transportation site that allows you to request bookings online.   Please note that Delta will no longer accept pets at all during the summer months from May 15th to September 15th and now has an extensive list of snub nosed (brachycephalic breeds) that they will no longer accept.  (insert link to blog post).  Delta requires the use of an IPATA agent for all international travel. 800-352-2746

First, international travel requires you adhere to specific country regulations and requirements.  In addition, some airlines may require you to use a pet shipper or pet transportation specialist like Pet Relocator.

International Pet Friendly Airline Options

  • AIR CANADA –Air Canada accepts pets as checked baggage and cargo.
  • LUFTHANSA — Lufthansa accepts all breeds of dogs and cats (brachycephalic included), although, they do have restrictions on temperatures and crate construction depending on the breed.  Lufthansa requires you to use and IPATA agent for all pet cargo bookings, most pets flying on Lufthansa will transit through Frankfurt.  Here is a link to more information about the Frankfurt animal lounge:
  • BRITISH AIRWAYS — BA cargo is a division of IAG and will accept reservations directly from pet owners.   All pets traveling with BA transit through the London Heathrow Animal Reception center.   Here is a link to more information about the Animal Reception center in London
  • KLM — KLM will allow pets to fly as checked baggage internationally, and is one of the few international airlines that will allow pets in up to a Giant crate travel as checked baggage.   If you are unable to fly with your pet however, you will be required to use an IPATA agent in order to book with KLM.  All layovers in Amsterdam pets are treated to the KLM pets hotel.  More information can be found here
  • Korean Airlines — Allows pets to fly as checked baggage and cargo internationally with some restrictions.
  • Avianca — Allows pets to fly as checked baggage and cargo internationally with some restrictions

Of course, this is by no means a complete list of the airlines.  We hope it gives you some idea about the many relationships we have and maintain with our pet friendly airlines to ensure safe and comfortable pet travel.